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  • The Emblem of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences is a symbolic expression of the confluence of both Eastern and Western Health Sciences.
  • A Central Wand with Entwined snakes: symbolizes Greek and Roman Gods of Health called Hermes and Mercury is adapted as symbol of modern Medical Sciences.
  • The Pot above depicts Amrutha Kalasham of Dhanvanthri the father of all Health sciences.
  • The Wings above it depict Human soul called Hamsa (Swan) in Indian Philosophy. 
  • The Rising Sun at the top symbolizes knowledge and enlightment.
  • The Two Twigs of Leaves in Western Philosophy symbolize Olive branches which is an express of Peace, Love and Harmony. In Hindu Philosophy it depicts the Vanaspathi (also called as Aushadi) held in the hands of Dhanvanthri, which are the sources of all medicines.
  • The Lamp at the bottom depicts human energy (kundalini).
  • The Script “Devahitham Yadayahu” inside the lamp is taken from Upanishath Shanthi Manthram (Bhadram Karnebhi Shrunuyanadev) Which says “May we Live the full span of our lives allotted by God in perfect Health” which is the motto of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.
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